Why Use Guided Meditation Exercises

Why Use Guided Meditation Exercises

Why use guided meditation exercises utilizing Sound-Assisted Meditation (SAM) sound technology?

Before I started using guided, sound-assisted meditation exercises, sustaining a regular meditation practice wasn’t easy. While I could feel the benefits during and immediately after meditating, I didn’t experience what I thought were tangible benefits to allow me to justify my time spent meditating.

My goal for Legally Mindful is to help professionals remove barriers like the ones I faced so you can focus on maintaining a regular practice. These exercises were written to allow you to advance your skills as you learn and gain experience with meditation-related ideas and tools. I also want to encourage you to continue using these tools when you have a big issue to address.

Regularly using the Legally Mindful exercises will help you achieve a deeper, more productive state quickly and consistently. Once you realize you can access such a state and start to see and feel positive results, it will be easier for you to justify the time needed for continuing a meditation practice.

Each exercise is tailored to help get you into a particular meditative state with the assistance of SAM sound technology. For example, the Primary Level Introductory Exercise and the two relaxation exercises will help you achieve a relaxed state as you practice following your breath and releasing stress as you breathe. If you lose focus, the SAM signals will be there to help you stay in, or get back to, that relaxed state without having to start over. With SAM support, you will gain confidence that anytime your mind wanders, or you get distracted by a noise or an itch, you can effortlessly bring your attention back to your breath, without losing that relaxed, focused state. The Concentration Exercise, the only exercise without verbal guidance, is designed to be used while you are reading, writing, or when you are otherwise in need of a highly-focused state. The Heart-Based Gratitude and Compassion exercise incorporates a time-honored “loving kindness” meditation whose purpose is to have you concentrate on feelings of gratitude, and foster a more connected feeling of kindness for others as well as yourself.

The Secondary Level exercises then build on your experiences in the Primary Level Exercises and take you to a different level where you will be able to focus more effectively on work-related or personal tasks while in a deep, creative state. In addition to the Creative Space and Meeting Room Exercises, the Health and Well Being/Body Scan Exercise will help your mind and body work together to promote better health and well-being.

The ultimate goal is to teach your mind to get back to that relaxed but focused state through the wonders of neuroplasticity — lasting changes to your brain — without being tied to an exercise. Or when you have a big issue to address to get you into a deep, productive state very quickly and allow your creative juices to flow.

Meditation should be effortless. By using the Legally Mindful guided meditation exercises supported by the SAM sound technology, you will more easily understand and experience getting into a meditative state without effort and benefit from your time investment quickly.

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