Introducing the New, Free Immune Response Meditation Live on My YouTube channel

I created the Immune Response Meditation for two related reasons. First, I wanted it to be of help to others during this unprecedented, and sometimes frightening, time. Second, I wanted to provide people with an uncomplicated way to have their own experience using a sound-assisted meditation (SAM) exercise so that they, too, can see how easy it is to feel the very positive benefits of meditation.  Why an Immune Response Meditation? Ongoing research continues to show connections between meditation and Read More

Changing your mindset about meditation

Changing your Mind about Meditation

Here’s an article I wrote for Cincinnati Bar Association. In this article, I want to address a couple of the misconceptions people have about starting and maintaining a meditation practice, and why many of you must change your mind about meditation to be successful and enjoy the obvious physical and mental health benefits associated with a meditation practice. As many of you likely know, there is an increased focus within our profession on improving the health and well-being of attorneys Read More

Legally Mindful® for Experienced Meditators

Legally Mindful® for Experienced Meditators

Even if you are somewhat experienced meditating, I recommend using all of the Primary Level exercises at least a couple of times before you move into the Secondary Level exercises. There are a number of reasons for this suggestion.  Reasons to Use the Primary Level Exercises Before Starting the Secondary Level First, by using the Primary Level exercises, you will become accustomed to the sound technology for getting into a very deep, relaxed state. Depending on how much meditation experience Read More